Christmas Club Run // SUNDAY 23rd December 2018

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  • Seriously, mid life crisis and divorce is tough but so many MILFs want to ease my pain with presents and ‘special cuddles’

  • Am after core bibs in a large?

  • Probably after a pair of winter tights padded. Whichever is best value?

    Maybe another heavy winter jersey like the one I have.

    Both small.

  • I can't afford any of it. Really want a pair of those cargo bibs and an insulated brevet gilet.

    Was 2.6 degrees on the Garmin this morning. Rapha Classic Softshell FTW

  • Thanks Dov. Very kind.

    Would anyone recommend the Classic Rain Jacket? Would be for commuting, needs to pack down into a bag.

  • minus figures through Dulwich.
    Winter jersey, gilet on top, belgian cap from yonks ago.

  • wusseseses

  • Won't be able to make this date, back in God's country with the family for Christmas. It's been far too long since I was out... on the topic of highlights- the top one for this year has to be the trip to Flanders. Unbelievable weather, beers, climbs and pad. Enjoy the ride guys and I hope to be out sooner rather than later :D

  • Nice one Matt. Shame you can't make it, but nice to reminiscing.

  • 26 days till Club Run.

  • 25 days till Club Run!!

  • ^ Grupetto version of an advent calendar

  • Yes! If I had time I would add a little pic. But work and family life is nutso.

  • 24 days till Club Run!!

  • How many days til club run?

  • 23 Days till Club Run

  • How many now ?

  • Hang on...I missed a day!! :-)

    21 Days till Club Run.

  • Getting in early. Just 20 Days till Club Run!!!!

  • If you’re this excited this far out, are you not in danger of peaking far too early?

  • Classic Grupetto.

    You'll all ring in sick the night before.

  • Ringing is sick the night before?

    That sounds far too organised for Grupetto. More like message on the forum five minutes before the club run is due to begin

  • I am totally bailing at the last.

  • What could be more exciting though? Except dreaming up my bed-wetting excuses.

  • "I went to buy cheese with Damo, 3 pints later and now we're in trouble"

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Christmas Club Run // SUNDAY 23rd December 2018

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