Strade Bianche 2019

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  • Siena
  • Hey team,

    Register interest here.

    I want to book soon and I will organise via Sportstours international who were pretty flawless last time we used them (2014).

    SATURDAY 9 & SUNDAY MARCH 10, 2019

    Duration: Weekend Distance: Various

    Stay with us in a beautiful Tuscany to ride and watch on the white gravel roads of Tuscany. The perfect chance for cycling fans to explore the beauty of Siena in Tuscany while watching some incredible cycling. Airport transfers, mechanical and vehicle support, guided rides, 3 star hotel in the centre of Siena are all included with your weekend travel package to the 2019 Strade Bianche Gran Fondo and Pro race weekend.

  • Interested.

    Do you plan to take your own bike or hire one from them? I know they do hire, but couldn't find anything on their website.

  • I will probably take my own.

  • Would love to come but this get's super expensive once you've paid for flights and bikes on planes biz.

  • That is the only thing holding me back from saying...yes...yes....yes!!!


  • Especially the cost of transporting your own bike.

  • £86 flights with easy jet. Shipping your bike isnt much extra from memory.

    Im in negotiations tonight and am hoping to use 2 years worth of brownie points as its Eles birthday on the 9th...

  • That's not bad., will look into it. Whats your deadline Ved?

  • £429 Trip + £86 Flights + £90 Bikes = £605 before you even eat or drink anything.

    £605 for a Sportive and a 50-60km gravel ride is a pretty expensive weekend.

  • Not for players like Ved or G. #chumpchange

  • They only have 6 spaces left so we need to get skates on.

  • Its £499 including entry to gran fondo - 140km course + £flights + £bike

    Or bike hire is available from £140.

  • I'd probably look to hire a bike TBH.

    @Anton_D maybe we take the beast and drive for 950 miles...

  • I am not quite as keen on Sports Tours International as you @Ved so had discounted the trip tbh.... I know you were the opposite.

    My original idea was to hire a big RV for about £300-400 that can sleep 4-6 people in varying degrees of comfort (depending on status).... take it in turns to drive the 12 hours or so there but stop on the way there and back to do some interesting things /climbs... then essentially park it up on the route (RV would have a shower and toilet) and do our own thing like everyone does at the tour. We could pack beers, food and BBQ etc

    You could even leave late on the Thursday and route down goes through some pretty interesting places... Lake Como etc

    Its a long drive but I reckon it could be a great little adventure... Totally do-able and not that big a deal even for old bastards like us... defo much cheaper too but if people dont want to be in a van together then fair play no drama like fam...

  • You do realise how cold it can get in Tuscany in March, don’t you?

  • Could be mega lolz...

  • Venga Bus

  • All those bodies in the RV though Andy, all those farts. Be toasty warm.

  • Do they take C2W?

  • Allez allez

  • What I learnt from Italy is that's it's really hard to hire a vehicle and take it to Europe. Insurance innit.

  • Just heard back from one hire company...

    We can drive over into Europe for an additional charge of £15 per day.

    Main rental cost is £277.50 for a 6 berth camper and unlimited mileage.

    £7 per day per extra driver, we can have a maximum of three drivers on the motorhome & all need to be present upon collection.

    And it has a night heater, shower and toilet.

  • Road trip!!

  • List time...

    1. Anton
    2. Ved
    3. @biarittz
    4. @NickTheHorn
    5. @Señor_Bear
    6. @DavidM

    Hey ho let’s go smash this sportive...

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Strade Bianche 2019

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