Isle of Wight 2019 // Monday 10th June

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  • I'm going on 5 day water fast.

  • I'm going to ride home.

  • Terrible idea.

  • Come along and find out.

  • @Señor_Bear if you're looking for extra miles would be better to ride down for 11:15 ferry.

  • Considered it, but I'd have to leave too early in the morning.

  • I'm in for this...

  • Awesome Nath !

  • Not sure I’ll be able to make this one now, I seem to have entered a 100 mile TT the day before.

    It’s not so much a sore legs thing, more a gooch one.

  • Shame Sam. Would have been good to roll.

  • 100 mile TT tho. 🔥

  • I still plan to ride if it’s not ripped to shreds 👍🏼

  • Chamois cream the fuck up.

  • Next week!
    Where and when, etc?

  • Yeah Ved.

  • Not the only thing that needs prayers, sadly. I hit a pothole after a time trial at the weekend, about 7 mins after I'd finished and almost back at the HQ. Happened just as I'd let go of the bars with my right hand to change gear. My whole left side from ankle to shoulder is pretty banged up, with the biggest hole on my knee only just stopping bleeding yesterday. Fortunately the underside of a parked van stopped me dragging myself even further along the tarmac.

  • Ouch!

  • Oh dear Sam. Heal up!

  • Cheers Dov. Pic below. Sadly it seems I stuck to the sheets last night and have opened up the wound on my calf again :0(

    There's also a bang with bruising and swelling on my hip, road rash similar to my calf on my forearm, and a bit of a scrape on my shoulder.

  • Last chicken in the shop

  • Sam that is grim. Scab will be fun to pick though!

  • Sam, us Kent men are hard men, and can take a good fall. Thats impressive. Am glad you are ok.

  • oof.

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Isle of Wight 2019 // Monday 10th June

Posted by Avatar for Ved @Ved