CLUB RUN - 8th September - Quick... before its gloves o’clock

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  • Cafe St Germain, Crystal Palace
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  • Coffee in St Germain
    3hrs in Kent - Route to be agreed on the day
    Come along if you want
    8.30 meet up

  • I’ll bang that

  • I'll be riding that day but it'll be in the west country as I begin the Ride Across Britain this weekend (LEJOG). Have a good one!

  • Are you riding out to the Brixpetto hillclimb?

  • Lovely stuff. In. Anyone else riding over from SW London?

  • Wedding anniversary weekend. so am out. Soz

  • Thats a terrible excuse

  • I didn't actually see that post Sam or know it was happening this sunday eek.... but I see I have basically the same joining instructions so maybe we could cruise down that way if everyone is keen.. are you doing it?

  • Yeah, I'll be there. Have to shoot off ASAP tho as we're heading to the in-laws for my boys 13th birthday party.

    @Ved can you speak to Brixton and get me an early-ish spot?

    To add, I am not in hill climb condition.

  • Conditions are pretty good by the way. Air density is forecasted to be 1.231 kg/m3, wind is light, although a north westerley so a head wind finish.

  • How long is the climb?

    My 2 minute power is at a 3 year high.

  • 2 minutes.

    If you're fast enough.

  • I believe young Damo holds the club record at 3:20. Strava tells me you have ridden up it before.

  • Which club is it? Exedown?

  • Exedown.

    Email to get on the list!

  • Just realised. Nick the Brixton CC sec is now a forum member, the hillclimb thread says click the ‘attending’ button to enter.

    So I have.

  • Hello Grupettos,

    We have pencilled in 8 Sept for the annual Brixpetto Hill Climb, our turn to do the food and everything else, Grupetto riders just need to sign-up :) can reach me on

    We've got about 20 already but are pushing our lot and the more the merrier!

    Best wishes
    Brixton Cycles Club Secretary

    From the BCC forum:


    Brixton Cycles Club x CS Grupetto = Brixpetto

    Announcing the date of the 2019 edition of our annual hell climb.

    The format will be the same as usual... meet at CSG and ride to
    Exedown, smash the hill climb, eat bacon/veggie sarnies, then ride
    back to Canopy for prizes and too many beers. It's going to be good!

    If you want to race, all you have to do is click attending above and
    we'll sort out the rest.

    We are holding it earlier this year in the hope that the weather will
    be better.

    More details to follow nearer the time.


  • We will leave CSG at 08:15 on the day if they want to ride out with us.

    Route here:

  • Nice one Sam for representing.

  • Would love to do this but it’s the other half’s birthday so have to miss it unfortunately.

  • I haven't got a decent excuse. I'm just not doing it.

  • Oh wait.
    I have.
    Football on a sunday morning with Miriam.

  • 5 mins on strava suggests that time was at the Bigfoot CC rather than the Brixpetto HC (where I was much slower).

    It's a 2:30 - 3:00 climb and it's technically not that bad.

  • I can’t believe there is a hill I’ve climbed in earnest where I am slower than @Ved according to Strava. That’s outrageous.

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CLUB RUN - 8th September - Quick... before its gloves o’clock

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