SDW from Winch to Eastbourne - pencil in 20/21 June

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  • Am doing the South Downs Way again this year... Its about 100m total on MTBs

    We are pencilling it in for 2 days and stay the night at my parents place in Amberley which is about half way - so lots of beers and grub.

    If we are feeling fit - we may try and do it in a single day on the Saturday but for the time being hold both days if you are keen and I will update this page.

    @Señor_Bear your xc mtb will be perfect

  • I don't have a mountain bike but I would be keen, I'll keep an eye on this and maybe see about rental closer to the time

  • Saddle me up please Anton

  • Am working on 20/21 June by the way... staying overnight at Castle Farm, Amberley, BN18 9FL

  • Cool.

  • My bastard minion has booked the 22nd off, ruining my plans for a lazy recovery. Oh well.

  • You will probably get the 21st off when we do it in a day!

  • ha!

  • Although, why not? We will have the light. I am not riding back to your parents' place though. We will need a minibus with booze, cheese and epo.

  • I have a load of others interested so the decision will be made nearer the time whether to do 1 or 2 days... probably depending on how much training and how people are feeling... time pressures that weekend etc

    If 2 days likely people will go home on the train from Eastbourne...

    If one day... will be a late finish so yes we will need to get from eastbourne to Amberley to crash... will have to work out how to do that if more than 4 people... which its likely to be

  • 2 days would be nice.

  • I'd like to do it in one

  • 1 day seems to currently have the edge....

    But we shall see... its a v good challenge in a day... something to be proud of... two days is a bit like a pleasure cruise with a bbq in the middle... equally enjoyable probably but more Type 1 fun

  • 1 day there, 2 days back?

  • "two days is a bit like a pleasure cruise with a bbq in the middle"

    My kind of ride!

    But if it is to be 1 day, no problemo.

  • Have been seeking some expert advice. This is from yetidamo on lfgss (Sam's mate and ridix strong rider):

    "Yeah it's the arms and hands that would take a pummling on the cx. But I'd still prefer it to a full suss. A lightweight short travel full suss would be OK, but a light hardtail would still be optimum choice. Its a bloody tough ride so any excess unnecessary weight isn't welcome.

    Both times I did it we rode it in one sitting. But both rides were quite different. The first, Winchester to Eastbourne, we set off at 10pm on Friday, rode through the night, saw some incredible things in the dead of night, marvelled at the sunrise and eventually rode into Eastbourne for about 10:30 for a late (and well deserved breakfast). Caught the train home and slept. A lot.

    The second time we rode in the other direction starting at about 8am. It was good Friday last year and (unexpectedly) it was an absolute scorcher. Like 30+ degrees C during much of the day. And there's no real shade or cover from the sun up on the ridge. It was absolutely brutal. I've never done anything harder in my life. It was a proper job of mind over matter. Which made it all the more memorable and satisfying to finish. 20 miles from the end I honestly didn't think I could finish it, but we did and whilst I hated it with 20 to go, it remains my favourite ride of 2019 but a country mile. My brother too. Which is why he wants me to do it again this year. Except this time he's suggesting riding there in a day, crash in a hotel and ride back the next. It would be a massive, and I mean MASSIVE, thing to do. We'll see.

    How people do it there and back in one sitting is beyond me."

  • If forgot this bit....

    "TL:DR, do it, you'll love it. The views and the sense of achievement are immense."

  • New bike time?

  • My mate Ultan has been eyeing up the double record for a while. Here's an effort from him.­2652

  • Can't see it for some reason, but kudos to Ultan anyway for having a crack.

  • It's way too early I know, but thoughts on logistics for the start? Early start planned meaning hotel nearby required?

  • Planning specifics will be done closer to the event but if two days that would mean a start after lunch on the Saturday as plenty of time for both legs... I think we want to avoid hotels at all costs even if one day.. so either first train down or crash at my parents place and get lifted to the start.

    Will make a decision on 1/2 days by end of March... so just pencil weekend out for time being if thats possible.

  • Thanks. Weekend penciled in for sure.

  • A quick squiz at Trainline shows that the trains cannot be trusted. Earliest standard arrival is around 9.40am. So poor.

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SDW from Winch to Eastbourne - pencil in 20/21 June

Posted by Avatar for Anton_D @Anton_D