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    Here’s precisely what’s new on the Edge 820 (and if it’s found on other Garmin units):

    – Adds in Group Tracking (stalking your friends)
    – Contains full/detailed mapping/routing (like Edge 1000)
    – Contains 16GB of internal storage (no micro-SD card slot though)
    – Adds in phone-based audio prompts (like Garmin wearables)
    – Adds in Incident/Emergency Detection/Notifications (like Edge Explore 1000)
    – Adds in new Stress Score (seen on wearables)
    – Has WiFi (on Edge 1000, but not Edge 520)
    – Has a touch screen (like Edge 1000)
    – Has a cool new ‘Battery Save mode’ (never seen before)

    So are there any things not found on the Edge 820 that are on the Edge 1000? Just a few:

    – Doesn’t have landscape mode (for rotating screen)
    – Doesn’t have the micro-SD card slot (for more than 16GB of maps)
    – Has a smaller screen than the Edge 1000

    And…that’s it.


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