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  • I have given rough explanation to job roles on Saturday . Any question let me know or ask me , Dan or Will on Saturday . If we can get there at 12.30 we can run through everything and get stuff set up. Racing starts at 2.20.

    One of the biggest challenges we have is getting through the racing on time so we have to be pretty slick.

    Car park directors: Sam & Sam
    Please be there at 12.30 as people will start to arrive and at 1pm there will be people leaving the earlier sessions. Parking is quite tight due to the building works so direct people to suitable spaces ( not blocking emergency exits) and help people out. Once we are completely full its going to helpfully explaining there are no more spaces and seeing they will park elsewhere. Also tell people if they ask that sign on is at the the end .
    If we have an emergency and the ambulances are called you will need to ensure the entrances are clear and one person goes to the road outside and directs the ambulance etc into the site.

    Sign on executives: Jason, Dan, Denny - Licence management.

    Be there at 12.30 to set the desk up , sort the money box, get the numbers ( Euan/Celeste have them in the office) and then Dan can explain the process. Please tell the youngsters we have special prizes as well as the 1st,2nd,3rds and they should wait till the end as they may have won some thing. Tell them there is very good prize for most combative rider ( oakley sunnies) and other prices for trying hard.

    MC: Dommy
    Nothing to be said now we have the original member of Goldie Lookin Chain providing the lyrical chemistry on the mic.

    Whip: Jon/Dan

    Swiss Tony will be on the track so if you can ensure the riders are ready on the holding area and keep them informed of next races etc . You know the rest.

    Track Gate marshal: Jason/Dov

    Make sure people enter the track safely and at the right time. No one should enter during the race but use common sense if necessary.

    Track Side marshal: Ved

    The key security job. Keep the riders back behind the line when in holding area and then ensure they get onto the track when called quickly .Also make sure finishing riders get off quickly. Also manage spectators wandering onto the track. I have a diagram which will explain role.

    Judges: Dan, Ricky and Will. - also need 1 more form the helpers below

    Results: Steve Dubtap.

    Big job which myself and and Will will explain on the day but record the results and help organise them to an order for prices.

    Head Bell and Lap management: Sam`

    Ring the bell , turn the lap counter, don't fall asleep - simple.

    General Help/holders: Steve Parker, Denny, Geraint, Andy Han and Gutchings.

    For the team sprints please be ready to help hold the riders . You won't be pushing them . During other races feel free to help others or swap with them to give them a break.

    Photography: Monkey

    Point and shoot.

    Chief Organiser DaveMac

    Sit back and watch it run smoothly.

    Head of refreshments: DaveMac

    Hand out the beer

    Prize giving: Ricky

    Try and look pretty.


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