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  • Hi

    After riding a handful of club time trials as a private entry I became interested in riding full open TTs in 2011. Knowing Grupetto through the likes of Wayne, Hippy, Desi, Ved, Jaygee, Damo, etc from the heady days of west beers and/or TNRC via LFGSS I spoke with Wayne and was welcomed into the fold with open arms and a bit of a cuddle.

    Sadly, my participant as a full on club member is limited due to family issues, but am always extremely proud to represent Grupetto each time I slip into my skinsuit at TTs. After a false start last winter I am hoping to ride for Grupetto in some CX races this season.

    Here is me when I first started (baggy jersey, Sidi MTB shoes)

    This is me now.

    As you can see, nothing's really changed!

  • Shaved legs. Reduced drag from opened mouth by closing it a little. Marginal gains.


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