Thursday Night Regents Park Laps

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  • I'm going to ride in circles tonight.

    That is all.

  • Nice!

    Maybe the first post could be more of an intro to Thursday Night RP laps for new members and people browsing the forum?

  • Anyone?

  • Oh. I'm playing cricket tonight :'(

  • I think the general trend for Regents laps is in the morning. And, Tuesday at that.

  • You're.... what?

  • Thursdays nights is OG.

  • Thursday nights, hour of power, 1 gear, sidi to the max.

  • Though I'll have >1 gear, and will be wearing Fizik.

  • These Fiziks?

  • My laps this morning were interupted by the aftermath of someone apparently riding full gas into the back of a parked hatchback putting his face through the windscreen and nearly killing himself. Grim.

  • Crikey, at full gas? Grim indeed. Hope he's ok.

  • Some info on the facebook page - dude is in hospital but ok.

  • ^Just joined the group to have a look at that.

    Then on the way home tonight over Waterloo Bridge the dude in front of me was stepped out on by a group of american tourists and went over his bars and knocked the girl out cold. As I swerved around it his bike somersaulted into my back wheel and bust a spoke.

  • jebus!

  • Wow, an eventful day. Glad you escaped unscathed.

  • Wow, a year since the last post...

    I’m gonna do some Regent’s laps on Thursday night from about 5:45pm for an hour if anyone is about?

  • May join you @Nath, subject to weather.

  • I’ll be there about 5:45. Will is joining. We will ride anti clockwise

  • Lovely evening for it. Darker than I remember so will bust out the bright light next time. Great company, too. Ved, you should have joined!

  • @Nath so I forgot I had to pick up the boys from nursery and ended up being a busy day so had no time to post and say couldn't make it. Next time !

  • I now have Thursday nights scheduled.

  • I’ll be lapping from about 2:45pm tomorrow for 60-90 mins, in case anyone is free and wants to join.

  • Nath. I will see how my day pans out have some annoying meetings at lunchtime so depends if I can wrangle out...

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Thursday Night Regents Park Laps

Posted by Avatar for Ved @Ved