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  • Does anyone need anything from Garmin?

    520 - £178
    810 - £230
    1000 - £310

  • Is the 520 cack?

  • It's tricky to use

  • Isn't that true of all Garmin products?

  • Cheers Dov. A kind offer. Very tempted just to buy one but I can't justify it :)

  • Same here. Will probably regret it when I lose my Garmin in 2 weeks time.

  • The most annoying thing about the 520 is the lack of touchscreen and the small memory for maps.

  • Thanks Dov. I'd like a 1000, but my old 800 will do me fine for a while yet.

  • I'm still rocking the Edge 605...

  • You LOL, I am still using my Edge 305 on my CX bike. My 500 is useless, as soon as you pass under a tree it loses the GPS signal. I used it for directions when I rode over to the Isle of Grain, riding along an open road, not a tree or bush in sight and it kept telling me I had gone off course.

    Thanks for the offer though, Dov.

  • anyone know when an updated 810 size device is due?

  • Who is this mysterious user30954?

  • Does anyone want a very nearly new Garmin 520?

    The best internet price is £189.99 so £140 to a grump?

  • Maybe Jon Crowbar? @Crowbar ?

  • New 820 marketing speak is so bad I don't actually know what it does apart from viewing text messages from my wife which I DEFINATELY DONT WANT


  • I have one on the way. I mostly bought for improved battery life, and ability to upload without waiting for my piece of shit 5 year old macbook pro taking about 10 minutes to turn on so i can connect my 800 (the only thing i use it for).

    I have a feeling getting the maps off my micro SD card and onto the 520 is going to be a ball ache... can always resort to free open maps I guess.

    Will report back.

  • Always use DC Rainmaker for tech reviews

  • Nice

    Here’s precisely what’s new on the Edge 820 (and if it’s found on other Garmin units):

    – Adds in Group Tracking (stalking your friends)
    – Contains full/detailed mapping/routing (like Edge 1000)
    – Contains 16GB of internal storage (no micro-SD card slot though)
    – Adds in phone-based audio prompts (like Garmin wearables)
    – Adds in Incident/Emergency Detection/Notifications (like Edge Explore 1000)
    – Adds in new Stress Score (seen on wearables)
    – Has WiFi (on Edge 1000, but not Edge 520)
    – Has a touch screen (like Edge 1000)
    – Has a cool new ‘Battery Save mode’ (never seen before)

    So are there any things not found on the Edge 820 that are on the Edge 1000? Just a few:

    – Doesn’t have landscape mode (for rotating screen)
    – Doesn’t have the micro-SD card slot (for more than 16GB of maps)
    – Has a smaller screen than the Edge 1000

    And…that’s it.

  • Do they still have the same shitty screens? Surely these days they must be able to find something with better resolution that doesn't consume any more power. And that fucking software... If only there was a viable alternative.

  • Bobby, change your hard drive and the optical drive to solid state drive. Best thing what I ever done, macbook is like new.

  • Is that a settings or physical change?

  • Physical. A new SSD hard-drive. And so a re-build (i.e. install fresh OSX and everything else).

  • It is meant to look a bit better as they have fiddled with UX


  • @Bobbiego what dommy said. Get an SSD in there - brand new 'puter.

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