Events, my dear boy, events....

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  • My cycling Filofax needs populating so I wonder what interesting events people are signed up to do this summer and beyond?

    Obviously the trip to the IOW is going to be incredible and I am anticipating a late surge in interest for my RP stash ride! :/

    I am only signed up for that Birmingham sportive thingy but not really that excited

    Need inspiration so thoughts gratefully received...

    Maybe some track time @Señor_Bear @Dan - how do I get into that?

    Or maybe a go at the BMX track at the Olympic park...

    Or some Bouncy Bike action? That trip to Wales never materialised @Graham

    I have a big estate car capable of carrying five people and five bikes

  • Where are you based Anton? You could get a cross bike, or use your bouncy bike, to race Cross at the end of the year (Sept-Feb). We could use a team car to get us about. Most races are on Sunday and that's when the trains don't run.

  • You missed TTing off the list :0(

  • I have tried to (unsuccessfully) arrange this for the past two years, but there are a couple of nice afternoon events out on Kent in May, on the 13th near Tenterden, and 20th on the Isle of Grain.

    Great opportunity for train out, TT then ride home.

  • Here's the Q10/33 near Tenterden.­l=en-GB

    And the Q10/24 on the Isle of Grain­hl=en-GB

  • Anton, i think you should consider cross.

    This is in no way linked to you having an estate car.

  • There's quite a bit of info on getting into cyclo-cross­ocyclo-cross/?c=EN

  • Yes Anton, definitely time to buy that Ritchey cross bike you were talking about and smash it for Grupetto during the cross season!

    What about doing the Dunwich Dynamo this year? That has had a good Grupetto turn-out in the past.

    What about the North Coast 500? We talked about doing that a couple of years ago. Could you find some willing partners in crime for that?

    Track - there are intro sessions on Saturdays at Herne Hill you could attend -­on/training-sessions/pathway/

    You could take Dr Bobbie's BCM place?

  • Plus, I put a similar thread on the old forum, which generated some ideas. And some trolling.­x.php?p=/discussion/2401/ideas-for-one-d­ay-cycling-adventures/p1

    Ideas included:

    1) Eastbourne via Beachy Head. Fish & chips then train home. Did that a while ago.

    2) Bournemouth. Similar kind of plan. (Didn't Wildgoose have a route out that way?)

    3) NE of London might be good to explore (e.g. some of the end of TdF route down from Cambridge)

    4) France. Early train to Dover (2 hrs) for ferry (1.5 hrs) then smash a loop out from Calais.

    5) Avenue Vert

    6) South Downs way in one day

    7) the old TNRC route from Farnborough (to avoid the slog out of London) to Bath and back

    8) Bryan Chapman Memorial

    9) the Three Peaks race (absolute classic)

    10) Bath to London in one day: 7.30 train from Paddington to Bath arriving 8.55. Would need to reserve bikes on the train ahead of time, £20 fare. Normally a tailwind all the way back, so should make light work of the 110 miles

    Plus other random ideas:

    11) Do the Fred Whitton Challenge route in the Lakes (but not the actual sportive) -­e-route/

    12) Do the Coast2Coast again

    13) Do some Audax

    14) Don't do triathlon

  • Thanks muchly everyone

    I am going to sign up for a Saturday track induction at HHV for sure..

    I have been looking for a cross bike for a while now so that could defo work @Denny @biarittz @Demeaux

    @Sam TTing not really for me buddy with my spider legs and an aversion to suffering on my tod.. I dont think I want to know the 'truth'..

    In my post I was also thinking about things like l'eroica and yes Denny the Dunwich Dynamo or similar...

    North Coast 500 will have to wait mate but we are doing it! And we are riding across america as well.. probably in our 60s

  • Just read your second post Den - that's amazing mate and I have much to research...

    Want to do the SDW in a day- was hard in two on a mtb -prolly on a cross bike when I get one.
    Fred Whitton but not the sportive - YES!
    Have done London to Paris in 24 (avenue vert) and C2C
    Bath to London - YES!
    Three peaks race - YES! - need a cross bike (theme developing)..

    Hopefully I can tempt you out at some point

  • Cheers Will top man I will do some reading

  • Audax?

    I'm doing a 300km from Raynes Park to Amesbury (near Stonehenge) and back on 1st July.­69/

    Also looking for another 300 or maybe longer around September if I can find one. I don't have a car... so limited to those that start in or around the smoke.

    I'd be up for more of these and further afield if anyone else is up for it.

  • A team car for both the races you do each season? Isn't that overkill?

  • @Anton_D is far too young to be TTing.

  • I'm planning on doing my annual Father's day off road odyssey around midsummer. London to Canterbury via the Pilgrims' Way has featured in the past, so we could do that again or try something new.

  • Speak to Pete Tadros kid then. Absolutely smashing them to pieces at 15.

  • Count me in for this Andy - if I can get a bike sorted by then! too many choices...

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Events, my dear boy, events....

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