Giro D'Italia 2017

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  • Pinot or Landa

  • For the sake of my fantasy team I'm hoping Landa

  • My fantasy team has Salma Hayek and 2015 Nick, so it's not looking good for me.

  • fantasy team.....................?


  • Until you close your eyes.

  • I was wondering why you weren't in the league. It's probably too late to join :(

  • Yeah...that works.

  • It's a shame you didn't sign up. It's a closely fought competition so far

  • I think you're going to lose your lead today... (famous last words)

  • That's OK, it's all about the long-game :-)

  • you lot have a fantasy league? Is it velogames?

  • Well, that was an eventful stage.

    Too bad the motos once again had such a big influence on the stage outcome

  • Yeah. Massive props to G for stopping to chat (as I see Hutch also observed).

    (Quite glad I took him out of my team the other day. Reckon I might pull further into the lead!)

  • The Dutch cheater did well today. Could snatch the lead with the first TT

  • Them riders needs to go on club runs and get their signals up to scratch. The Gaffer would not have been happy with that.

  • People who's only experience of group riding is from club runs offering advice on group riding to professional cyclists never gets old.

  • The Dutch cheater

    Why's he a cheater?

  • He has made a few Ricardo Ricco style recovery's in stage races in the past. Personally not fan.

  • I like him. Prolly because primarily he's a TTer.

    But yes, yesterday was a massive shame because it's changed the complexion of the race for three of the contenders. Nibali won last year from a similar deficit, so never say never :0)

  • He rides very intelligently, but I don't think that makes him a cheat.

    I can get why you don't like him though, he's not exactly exciting to watch.

  • I agree, I don't think he's high on my 'suspect' list of potential dopers out there. He does ride very intelligently and 'honestly'.

    I like him too. His aggressive racing provided us with an exciting Vuelta a couple of years back. And I like a good battle between the TT/powers GC men and the pure climbers. So I'm hoping he can help keep the Giro an exciting contest this year.

  • I like him. Seems like the underdog against all the tiny little climbers.

    I see a lot of myself in him.

  • I see a lot of my former self in him.

    RIP Nick 2015 (pbuh)

  • I can get why you don't like him though, he's not exactly exciting to watch.

    As I said, he's a TTer, so boring LOL

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Giro D'Italia 2017

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