Cross season 2017/18 chat

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  • Summer series dates and venues published today, very good for those of us in south east London, with three of the four races close to home.

    Round 1: Thu 20/07 - Leyton Jubilee Park
    Round 2: Thu 27/07 - Frylands Scout Camp
    Round 3: Thu 03/08 - Bekenham Place Park
    Round 4: Thu 10/07 - Herne Hill

    You can also enter online via BC;­?series_id=580

    I'm not sure how many, if any I'll be riding. All depends on if I can get away early from Cambridge and negotiate a pass off putting the kids to bed. Tough times.

  • Three on the cards. Not sure it's possible or fair. Hey ho.

  • Thanks Andy! Will miss Beckenham sadly, but will aim for Frylands and HH.

    Come on Damo, get that bike built.

  • Usual question. Do we need BC race license etc, etc.

  • I don't think you do for the summer series.

    I wish I could still race these. Cross is so much fun

  • They are usually run as Go Ride events, which means no license is necessary.

  • I won't be making any I don't think.


  • Ved, no...we had such fun in 2015.

  • You can backstop with me, Sam. I'll bring my spare skinsuit.

  • The last time I ran was the last time I did a CX race, just before Christmas :0)

  • did anyone ride at HH yesterday?

  • Think that's a typo Ricky ?!

  • Gutted for ya @andyp

  • Will you race this Thursday?

  • Unlikely, I'd have to leave work at 4 pm and get a pass from kids bedtime duties.

  • These things happen, rather now than in that crucial London League race.

    I'm aching this morning though, was carrying the bike after my puncture and trying to get out of the way of riders who were racing and slipped as I came down a bank. Went down like a sack of spuds onto my left knee with my bike on my shoulder. I have a sore knee, back and right hip.

    Getting old.

  • Ungh. That sucks Andy. But like you say better in that race than a Sunday race.

  • A mate wants to get into CX. Cheaply.

    If anyone knows of a 54/55cm frameset going can they shout please?


  • I'm broken. Ache all through my core, it's amazing what damage a heavy fall with a bike on your shoulder can do to you.

  • Wow Andy, heal up soon.

  • How cheaply? Are they handy with spanners?

  • cheap

    Errr, think so. If not I guess I am only round the corner from him!! Why's that @biarittz

  • My Ti cross frame and carbon forks are doing nowt. Would be good price, but it wouldn't be cheap cheap like he could get with an alu frame Plus its more like 53/54.

  • I could be interested in that frame @biarittz if @sams mate is not keen... got any more info?

  • Burls frame with Kinesis forks, both in good condition. Frame and forks are Canti/V brakes, not disc. Cos the frame is Ti, looking for £350. Will sort some pics if interest persists.

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Cross season 2017/18 chat

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