Cross season 2017/18 chat

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  • Looking at this on a laptop rather than my phone.

    I've called the police about the bar angle on the commuter bike, that is definitely a crime.

  • They're perfect for in the drops. I think cadence set them up thinking "nice bike, should be raced" rather than "mouth writing cheques his body can't cash".

  • This porn is niche!

  • Do you have any photos that show some wrist and possibly a forearm?

  • Pink skin just visible?
    Dirty little piggy.

  • Bro I aint seen the good stuff in years.

    Ok show me a cankle, bonus point if it has an electronic tag on it

  • Pay me.

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  • Blimey you have the pilosity of a Dolphin.

    Any chance of an elbow?

  • Damo, your hands are too small. Get bigger hands.

  • Careful now Damo - I buggered my wrist tendons up by having 'correct' lever positions - ended up with De Quervain's syndrome and having to have an injection in the tendon's sheath. Was pretty awful.

    Aren't cross levers 'supposed' to be further up the bar?

  • Yeah Im just trying to stop feeling hyper stretched on the commuter and having functional braking on the crosser.
    Might have to get someone other than cadence to fiddle with the brakes.

    Arkose. Has all the right things just not in the right order....

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  • Chain looks a bit slack

  • A bit?
    It's hanging on for dear life Mat.
    Eccentric BBs innit. And too many watts.

  • track slack init

  • Is so bad.

  • I am not looking forward to "racing" this season. I was hoping to not renew my licence, but I missed the deadline. So I'm in.
    I'm not looking forward to it because:
    sleep (lack of)
    pain from arthritis

    Can someone provide a kick up the arse?

  • Are you 'doing' summer cross?

    I don't think I can make any of them sadly, so will offer an online boot up the arse when required.

  • Do a summer cross race, realise you need to panic train, pack it all in and drink beer.

  • Have you been speaking with my internal monologue?

  • You can always just race me and win.

    This was of course going to be the year. But that hasn't panned out.....again.

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Cross season 2017/18 chat

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