Balance bikes

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  • Nephew is 2 in December - my mum wants to buy him a balance bike. Talk to me?

    Isla, Strider, etc - there seems to be quite a large difference in price? Does it really make any difference at that age, or is it a trap for Buyer Dads?

  • Toddle bike.

  • Your relatives will thank you. It's light and bright and fun.

  • Decathlon saw us good. It also has double spoks. £40 and going strong.

  • @Demeaux who have the likkle bikes you lent us still, so holler when Norah is ready for them.

  • what age do you move them onto an isla or similar?

  • Alex is pretty happy on his balance bike now he is 3. He was pretty keen on it at 2 also, but you they do it in their own time. He has the wooden early rider which are superb.

    Scuttle bug may also do trick and toddle bikes are OK.

    Isla is pretty top end stuff for kids.

  • Welll....
    When Miriam was about 3 I bought a pink ridgeback balance bike. it was heavy as fuck and she hated it. She loved her Olie scooter from 3 - 4. I loved her on her scooter, Fountain road descent - yeah no probs Dad. Her scooter and toddle bike were a piece of piss to carry around. A balance bike when they throw a spack? Less so.

    Isla was 4 I think.

    Miriam went Toddle>Balance (FUCK THAT DAD)>Scooter>Isla (stabilisers, then no stabilisers)
    (The stabilisers vs no stabilisers thing. MIENFIELD)

    But it's all dependent on them. They may hate bikes.
    It's better to give them something light. Because it'll be you carrying it around mainly.

    There are at least three dads on here who've bought / used toddle bikes for their kids.
    At least one never used a balance bike.
    At least two are competent bike riders (that I've seen).
    At least one got themselves ready to race this year and completed the Tour de Penge.

  • It used to be only Isla and Frog for decent kids stuff. Isla is very kids specific, clearly stating the design principles and data used to shape their decisions.

    It all depends on their size too.
    Remember. A balance bike is just a bike without cranks.

  • @biarittz probably take them soon actually. Norah's almost standing....

  • Depends, but I think boys pick it up earlier than girls. This is anecdotal rather than evidence based though.

    My two loved their Toddlebike and having it made the transition to a balance bike much easier. But I think going straight to a balance bike is perfectly feasible too.

  • Good point, toddle bike maybe more suitable for 2yo. Joel couldn't really use the balance bike till he was three (short parents).

  • Edie was the same, bought her a balance bike for the second birthday but she only started using it when she was nearly three.

  • See post #2.

  • this is what I needed to know.

    Just checked with sister - he is S/M for his age, so he should be fine on it. If he grows quickly, nephew number 2 is only 18months behind him so it won't be wasted.

  • Paid £15 for ours.


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Balance bikes

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