Tubeless tyre shocker

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  • It worked 😀

  • Wat psi?

  • 90 pussies, schwable pro one 28c with stans sealant.

    It went flat. I got off span the wheel until it stop jizzing. Used a co2 and it inflated but leaked some more so I just got on and rode it. Stayed up.

  • What pussies were you riding on back home?

  • About 60

  • 90 pussies on a 28mm tyre?
    Jesus, how much weight have you put on?

  • 😭

  • Graham likes it hard.

  • 28mm tubeless on disc wheel road bike.

    Graham 100% bang on trend.

  • Very untrendy tyre pressures tho.

  • Bit basic tyre width really.

  • How many? I need help

  • Yes good point, however without factoring a) the weight of the rider, and b) the tyre clearance afforded by the bike.

  • Wat you at Graham 70kgs ?

  • Gravel - 37mm 45psi
    Tarmac - 28mm 60-70psi
    Commute - 23mm 110psi

  • Hunt

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  • Graham I hope you are still trim. I know the second child arriving means more late snacking and less riding.


  • 63kg

  • 75 / 80 ftw.

  • I had 'ballooned' to 70kg

  • I like a ping to a tyre

  • Although my MTB is just under 30 pussies


    Fuck. I need to shed this baggage.

  • I run 70/75 PSI - Hed Ardennes+ with 25s (which expand to 28 on the fat rims)

    Basically it's what HED recommend for clinchers.

    I'm not down with this Tube Free stuff.

    I like choobs.

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Tubeless tyre shocker

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