CSG Social: Fondue evening

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  • 50 Fashion Street, LE1 6PX
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  • The Melted Cheese Company will be hosting a series of fondue pop-ups and other melted cheese delights from late June all through the winter.

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  • Details

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  • Will is your profile a picture of baked cheese in honour of the Cheese night?

  • Is there any secure bike parking?

  • Is there a kitten crèche?

  • Yes, a ramekin with (I think) a cheese soufflé in honour of cheese night.

  • Do the kittens like cheese? My parents' cat likes butter, and licks it whenever they leave it out. Could be a hazard... But otherwise bring them along and we can look after them.

  • NathC hasn't signed up for the new forum yet. Once he does I'm sure he'll answer the bike parking question, unless Will knows?

  • I don't know. Hopefully the Cheesemonger will be along in due course.

    Looking at the website for the venue it doesn't look like there is oodles of extra space.


  • I'm not locking up my bike on brick lane, it'll be gone in a flash!

  • Will trade cat sitting for miriam sitting.

  • Probably safest to get a Boris bike

  • Khan Klunker now please.

  • Fashion Street eh.

    Better wear my freshest thredz

  • Cheese Steez

  • Yo!

    Bike parking: There are a few Sheffield stands around, and the odd lamp post. Ride that purple shopper, no one will nick that.

    Kittenzz: Not suitable dipping fodder due to the fur. Wax them then bring them along.

  • Ok, I've just spoken to the Head of Cheese.

    These are the timings:
    7:30pm - Doors open to punters
    8pm - Aim to start getting people seated downstairs
    8:10pm - First cheese expected to hit the plates
    11pm - Need to be out of the venue (having cleaned up)

    If you're in the 'hood beforehand you might want to assemble at a nearby pub e.g.:

    • The Pride of Spitalfields
    • Duke of Wellington
    • The Ten Bells (it looks like this has changed from its former more exotic incarnation...)

    If you choose somewhere then post up where so others know.

    Andy - Nathan and I will be at the venue from around 6pm. If you do want to lend a hand then that would be welcome. I don't get the impression there will be that much to do so it's not necessary. Just setting stuff up I think.

    More generally, if it gets a little busy, then people stepping in to lend a hand (dishing up, refilling booze) might be helpful, and some assistance with cleaning up afterwards would definitely be appreciated.

  • Thanks Will!

    There is one gimlet, one shot of digestif, a little over 2 beers each, and about 2 glasses of wine each. So, roughly 6 drinks per person.

    If you want to bring more along, you are welcome to.


  • Sadly Tanya has been laid low by a virus that she's been fighting off all week, so she's not going to make it.

    I'll drink all her booze.

  • That's a shame. Perhaps exhaustion following the excitement of your engagement? :)

    Don't forget the sourdough (hopefully)!

  • Don't worry, I won't be forgetting that!

  • Tell the truth. She's totally staying home to play with the kittens.

  • First one out

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  • Great colour. Lovely looking crust. Do you have one of those banettons?

  • Where shall we meet ?

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CSG Social: Fondue evening

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