Thursday November 3rd - Cross training

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  • Right, after a couple of weeks of not doing this, it's time to get it going again as the London League, especially, begins to get into full swing (for me at least).

    I promised to teach @Demeaux how to dismount and carry his bike like a pro this week. Am happy to incorporate other stuff in too. The forecast suggests it'll be chilly, around 6 degrees, so more time riding, less time standing around shooting the breeze.

    Bring warm clothes for the recovery drinks after.

  • I was watching Wout do it and he does it differently to Matthieu.

    I think.

  • Thanks Andy! Looking forward to it and the seeing the look on the face of Damo's friend from MF.


  • Can I ask a favour? Can I borrow your Airshot please? I want to try one before I possibly ask Santa for one.

  • Of course. Will use panniers on Thursday so I can bring it along.

  • Balls - I'm 50/50 on this now, as Andrea has a PTA meeting that she might need to attend.

  • No probs.

  • Sorry guys, Andrea's got to go to the PTA meeting, so I'm not going to make this now.

  • No wackers. I have the Airshot on me, I could drop it round.

    @Demeaux whaddya wanna do? Meet, kick the ground, hit the pub? Leave it until next week? I am ever so easy.

  • I might see if I can get in to the brixton track chain gang?

  • Change of heart. Let's do this Sam. What shall we do?

  • We need to hone our frites and beer skills

  • After a 10 min warm up race
    Some dis and remount drills
    15 min madison

  • sounds good.

  • I've got my new sexeh lakes to wear as well.

  • I'll look forward to that.

    Could I leave the airshot with you for Andy to pick up? It's the size of a small fire extinguisher.

  • Yeh no wukkas.

  • Might use it myself and try and mount some tubeless on the stan's.

  • Perfect, thanks. If you want to meet a bit earlier, let me know.

  • 7?

  • 7 it is. See you later cuz

  • I've found a fun little circuit as SNCP today. Not sure how well lit it will be though. Will check out one evening in the next week.

  • Innit marvellous? Over 40, mortgaged to the hilt, and going to meet up to race our bicycles in the park :-)

  • That was fun.

    We isolated ourselves in the corner, giving MF plenty of room and they completely overran us, with no warning or polite request. Plucky Damo went to have a word and got grief from Corporal Confrontation which took the wind out of our sails.

    We still had a good session of dismounts, stair runs, some laps and seated sprints.

    Ended up with me getting the biggest lump of poo EVER on my bike. Not sure if it was canine or human. Yuck!

  • Sent you an email sam. I think I've found the group on Facebook, will be writing to the head office.

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Thursday November 3rd - Cross training

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