South Downs Way (in a day)

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  • Who is up for a crack at the South Downs Way in a day?

    That is Winchester to Eastbourne and again about 100 miles and 10k feet of climbing

    Transportation up for discussion as would need to be a very early start from Winchester as could be up to 10 plus hours on the bike

    Cross bikes or bouncy bike required

  • I wierdly cant adjust the date - but thinking TBD in June/July

  • I'd definitely like to do this, it's been on my "rides I'd like to do" list for a while.

  • I'd come if it fits around my baby schedule.

  • Nice one Anton. Will start planning how to attend.

  • Interest piqued.

  • Overnight in Eastbourne?

  • We can bivvy together @Demeaux

  • I'm up for this if it works with work away dates

  • I once tried to ride the SDW in a day.

    But I got tired halfway, so I turned and rode back.

  • Yes!

  • Train to Winchester is £35 and then train back from Eastbourne is £8.50

    South West Trains are taking the bloody piss.

  • Groupshave?

  • Depending on how many we get for this we can either do a groupsave OR jump in my car and I will get some family assistance in terms of delivering car to other end.. could save plenty of dosh..

    Are we thinking sooner rather than later OR later in the summer when people have had a bit of time on the bike?

    What about Sat June 24th?

  • If people want to stay over somewhere we could crash at my parents place near Arundel and hit the local

  • Is this on mountain bikes or cross bikes or road bikes?

  • Am now thinking this would be better completed on a weekday to avoid humans where possible (slowing us down).

    My current favourite date is Friday 30th June.

    Its NOT road bikes but basically any relatively quick bike that is able to deal with mixed terrain including bumps and a bit of flint etc

    My buddy did it in two days on a Carerra hybrid that was probably 20kgs and he was fine.

    I have also mentioned this to others and depending on numbers will either train or drive.

  • Good idea Anton. Will check how much hols I have left. Very tempted, but would probably bail near Chichester.

  • How long will this take do you think ?

  • 24 hours.

  • John Cordner did it in 10 hours. He usually kicks my arse in London League races.

  • Id be hoping for 10-12 hours with a very early start
    Its weather dependent and as such if it is raining or a headwind then best to postpone
    I will be riding my full sus but with thinner tyres
    Happy to do it on the Saturday if thats all people can do - but might be chokka with people
    Up for discussion is how to get there etc - I have a big car as discussed so five people and five bikes
    @jaygee @NickTheHorn

  • I don't have a bike the skills for this

  • Though my bike handling is pretty impressive, I also don't have a bike capable of the terrain.

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South Downs Way (in a day)

Posted by Avatar for Anton_D @Anton_D