July Drinks

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  • Last Friday drinks are back (did they go away?) I'm open for venue suggestions.

  • Club kit is being delivered tomorrow and I'll bring it along to the drinks unless you can't wait then it can be picked up from me at the office.

  • Right. I'm going to ask if I can get out for this. Could we make it a swap shop affair? I have a fan for Dan, some brakes from Andy, do others have other things they've promised?

    I may have some books I no longer want as well.

  • I've told Estelle we are coming along and Matt is looking forward to catching up.

    There will also be kit.

    Ricky lemme know if you need help getting kit to drinks?

  • I've got a Stem for @Dan too.

  • I cannot attend unfort as will be out of town BUT ricky I will be contacting you re:kit as would like to have for this weekend

  • @biarittz u coming bro. I have some braks 4u

  • If I can't get to the drinks on Friday due to being overly lubricated at the cricket is there anyone who can pick some kit up on Thursday (either from Putney or the office in SE1) and take it along for those who need it?

  • I'm most likely going to the drinks (if I have enough energy from the Brexit diet).

    Is there much kit that needs collecting?

  • People who want kit pipe up or forever hold your peace.

  • Socks plz

  • I can definitely fit those in.

  • Hoping to pick up kit from Ricky by Thursday, if not I will shout. Cheers Will.

  • I'm hoping to attend. I'd like to pick up my kit please.

  • Hi Jaygee, your kit is bagged up and ready to go.

  • I can't make it sadly, unless people plan to be there till late. I could pop over after kids bedtime, but would not be there until 9pm.

  • ^ So old!

  • If anyone asks to collect their kit then doesn't turn up at Canopy I will give it away (which could of course serve as a recruitment drive).

  • Give it to Matt as an incentive to ride his bike.

  • I am attending and would also like to pick up my kit.


  • I'd like to pick up kit on Friday please

  • @biarittz, I won't be there till 830....

  • Late is fine. Htfu Sam.

    I'm probably coming late too.

  • Would like my socks plz vedbear

  • Bring your airshot.

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July Drinks

Posted by Avatar for Ricky @Ricky