Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017

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  • I am pleased to announce this year's hill climb co-hosted once again with our Brixton Cycles friends.

    This event has become legendary within our club. On a Sunday morning as we dip into autumn, a group of intrepid rouleurs set off from Crystal Palace, and make their way through the misty morning lanes of Kent to seek out the colossus.

    From its humble beginnings on the precipitous climb of Fackenden Lane towering over the Stone Age settlement of Shoreham, the event has grown in size and stature every year, and in recent years has graduated to the terrifying cliff of Exedown that has been rising ever higher for the last 65 million years since the seas left south-east England.

    The event is free, and for that price we throw in a bacon sandwich. There are prizes for winning. There are even prizes for doing really badly (which are surprisingly hotly contested). And we drink beer at Canopy afterwards.

    Last year was incredible. This year expect something even more spectacular.

    What's not to like? Sign up now.

  • In.

  • Good man! Can you click the magic "I'm attending" button so I can track numbers/riders?

  • In.

    Will there be testing for mechanical doping? Asking for a friend.

  • To be honest we are more likely to offer a prize for the best mechanical doping.

  • Looking like I should be able to make this!

  • Me and Jod going head to head.

    Battle of the titans.

    We will be undertaking a global promotional tour for most of Sept.

  • What's the prize pot?

  • In

  • Some grupetto football socks and a bamboo polo.

  • It's my 10 years of marriage anniversary that weekend so looking unlikely.

    Any 'nice' gift ideas around the theme of tin welcomed.

  • 4 cans of craft beer

  • I can't remember what we did for tin.

  • Would be helpful if we can start a 'tin' thread to keep this on topic for now :)

    (Wishful thinking...)

    Actually, I've started a thread:­ations/308559/

  • You'll be well looked after on the other thread @MarkformerlyMonkey, all your anniversary worries are over, sit back and relax.

  • So, to confirm the breaking news, this year's hill climb will be White Lane rather than Exedown.

    The league table for CS Grupetto looks interesting. Will anyone be able to beat vintage Damo (circa 2012)? At the other end of the scale will anyone challenge Pete's lanterne?

    To add a bit of spice, Ved and Crowbar are going head to head in real time, i.e. starting side by side. This has never before been seen on a hill climb, and will be a real crowd pleaser.

    EDIT: The above is no longer true. We're sticking with Exedown.

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  • Head to head has been at swains urban hill climb.....

    2 minutes? I'll be lucky with 3 this time around.

  • I checked my Strava records. There were extenuating circumstances the only time I attempted this hill.

  • I was knackered.

    I reckon I could shave a few seconds off.

    I'm in.

  • After missing out on yesterday, I want in on this

  • Why the change?

  • White lane is more honest?

    The Brixton mob will have the advantage:
    Their Tuesday night hills ride will do things similar to this

    They're younger
    They're lighter
    We should ask for handicaps.

  • We should change it to Exedown the night before race.

  • All hail the power of the mighty Grupetto.

  • But not tell them so they all DNS.

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Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017

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