Fat Dad's Sun later on ride

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  • Without trying to tread on the toes of @DavidM 's ride, Damo and I have rare passes for a quick Kent blast.

    So if anyone else fancies a short ride, and later on to allow that loss of an hour to sink in, you are most welcome.


  • No worries at all :) looks like a nice day for it too!

  • Would love to join you both for this, but have to catch a Eurostar at 1:30 pm to head to Paris until Thursday.

  • As a fat dad, I would like to join this ride. Can we leave Cadence at 10? No offence to David, but a shorter ride would suit me.

  • Miriam is Park Running at 9.30am, so 10.30am is the earliest. She only needs 20mins to bosh out the 5kms, so Damo shouldn't be too late.

  • What time do you think we’ll get back to Cadence? 12:30?

  • All being well, I would reckon so.

  • Well oiled machine, we'll drill it on the way back in.

  • We'll set you up to soar up anerley and drop us all if you need to push on Nath. Or get the train north from crystal palace.

  • In

  • Ima early... #first&lasttime

  • A lovely ride was had with lots of drama for such a short route. As Nath said it was like Club Run bingo as we ticked off the incidents.

    So many cars pretty much attacked us. Some idiot, with his young son in the back, getting all riled up, punishment pass, then losing it again later (we passed him in traffic), dangerous overtake of careful driver, Nath and Damo.......just to park up at Sainsbury's a little further on. Such a hurry to get Monster Munch.

    A Range Rover (does everyone have one nowadays?) coming opposite way on The Ridge, cut the corner and then seemed to veer towards myself and Nath. Heart-stopping moment.

    Then the big one!! A very, sensible descent of Layhams was had, but some cyclists were stood awkwardly on that horrible corner by the dog training gaff, they made the line difficult and Nath's bike went from under him. Que hilarious Bambi moments from Damo and myself and we all ended on the deck. Car behind had a great view. Turns out the cyclists standing in stupid place had gone over too, hence their position. Hate that corner.

    Lastly, some ghastly people in a Q7 (does everyone have one nowadays?) took exception to "perceived" red light jumping. They had a point, but it didn't need the reaction of hanging out of windows having a pop (their kids were in the back). Super Damo confronted them and it ended in a choice exchange of pleasantries.

    There was a lot of impatient and inconsiderate driving out there today.

    But we had good ride.

  • Excellent write up. How was Damos wrist action and lever reach? I worry that his clutch is weak which suggests early onset arthritis or hand Gout

  • I have psoriatic arthritis.

  • The ride was great. 38c tubeless at 50 psi and 1 * 10 @ 38 * 11-25.
    No mudguards
    Bottle cage toolbtube, ortleib mini saddle bag.

    The spill was fun, "I hope I don't hit Nath. Or his bike. Or hurt his wheels".
    The shouting at the driver was wrong. It was a cheeky amber (and slamming the brakes on would maybe have locked up the wheel and well) but what annoyed them was me moving out to overtake some slow cyclists. Which they needed to tell me about and started to tell me.and I continued.

  • The two blokes behind you waited for the people to cross and then went through the red. That got her going.

  • Am genuinely sad that I did not get to turn a pedal with you guys xx

  • Way of the gun.
    First scene.

  • Some crazy drivers out there. The couple who had a barney with Damo were really disgusting, the poor kids in the back. I’m sure they will grow up to be well rounded individuals 😐

  • Layhams today was indeed ridonculous... we had loads of action but I bet we had guys riding way worse than yous lot.. you and bike ok Nath?

    Last week I drove down to Surrey, parked up and rode for two hours up deserted hills... it was magic and I thought I should do that again to avoid the traffic bs getting out to the lanes...

    But then I would miss Annerley the mental part

  • Yeah. Some scratches on the right shifter, and a cut up forearm is all.

  • Wowzers

  • This is London/Surrey/Kent* my friend.

    *delete as appropriate

  • Glad you guys are OK.

  • It was the most uneventful, dumb, comical tumble.

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Fat Dad's Sun later on ride

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