CSG Summer BBQ

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  • Elborough Street, London, SW18
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  • Yes- don’t factor me into the booze buying though.

  • Cheers.

    Times like these call for a Brompton. One day.

  • The brisket is on - could be amazing or awful

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  • Nice

  • So much hangover

  • Cheers Anton for hosting - great night all round . Everyone stretching this morning.....

    When picking up the new bike Sam?

  • Oh crikey. Did I buy a new bike?

  • Drunk Ebay!! Whoop.

  • Thanks Anton. Host with the most. Great night.

  • Thanks Anton. Let me know how you want money.

    Good to see everyone.

  • Excellent hosting thank you Sir.

    Bit too punchy with the shots.

    Hope missus is talking to you today.

  • Most Drunk CSGrupetto award goes to Sam.

  • Every time.

  • It’s the only thing I can win at.

  • Thanks for coming boss.. I love shots... they mess you right up.

    Misses is chill... if she wasn't preggo she would be on the shots with us.

  • When I left, I only had to get to Earlsfield to find the Wandle trail. I knew the way, but got hopelessly lost. Was checking phone, but none of it made sense. I managed to end up in Colliers Wood which was the right direction thankfully.

    Looking forward to seeing my Strava recording.

  • Please post.

    Picked up Brompton yet?

  • I looked on strava. It looks like it turned itself off 400 metres from leaving the house....

  • Seems that switching on Garmin and keeping it on was too much. Recorded a random 100 metres which Sam has duly given me a sarcastic kudos for.

    Edit...What damo said

  • Brompton pick up is tomorra!

  • You are a great drunk.

    Second only to the inimitable @DaveDaKettle

  • thanks fam! :-)

  • Good times boys! Cheers for hosting Anton, you have a lovely home and I'm surprised you let me in! I'm off the sauce until the first weekend of August so it was nice to have a stupid amount to drink. I did bring the tenner asked for but was too drunk to remember to leave it - PM me your deets @Anton_D and I'll send it over.

  • Thanks guys


    Or 89239369 /60-07-33

  • Forgot about that, sorry. Paid.

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CSG Summer BBQ

Posted by Avatar for Anton_D @Anton_D