TDF Alpe d’Huez Ride

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  • Nice gentle 80-90k social ride in Kent followed by watching the TDF Queen stage at an appropriate venue (@jaygee is the Regent still showing cycling?).

    Chatty pace ride, sun out, beers after, cycling on telly, top bantz. Deffo worth taking the day off work.

  • Will see if I can get out for this.

  • oh....nice idea

  • Will be busy riding over the Stelvio

  • Current holiday balance: 0 :(

  • Great idea but I have unavoidable work commitments unfortunately

  • I will also not be able to make it as it's to close to my trip to Italy. The Regent never really showed cycling unless you asked them to. I'm sure if you gave them a call they could advise. Canopy certainly will be showing it.

  • Canopy is it then!

  • New summer Champion Kolsch is a winner too...

  • was that the weird cucumber ting?

  • Right who’s coming?

    Just checking the stage start time but it’ll be 9 or 9.30 for a machiatto at Cadence


    That’s the route (ignore the bit from Camberwell).

    Racing starts at 12.25 so meet at 10 at Cadence.

    Canopy for beers after.

    Alpe D’Huez summit finish expected at around 6pm.

  • In.

  • Jealous. Have a good one.

  • @NickTheHorn @Ved ... up for a ride in principle just not sure I can take whole day off so might go for a spin arond lunchtime then join you in canopy for a couple mid afternoon to catch the latter parts of the stage...

  • Bring your filofax and cellular so you could practice some agile working...

    It's how I roll.

  • Lads, sorry not going to make it out to Canopy.... see you both soon

  • You all missed a cracking day you massive chumps.

    Great ride, great beer, pizza.

    Canopy was shut til 5 (🤷♂️) so we went to the Balham branch of Dynamo. Was good.

    Ved is riding well!

  • I’m a total smasher Nick.

    Thanks for company. Top skiving.

    Great day 👌🏻

  • tidy

  • Anyone up for a slackers ride this Friday, followed by watching the final showdown stage in the Pyrenees over a few beers?

  • Would so love to, but on way to Suffolk with da fam for seaside fun and tackiness.

  • What a great idea!

    Sadly I’m working. 😢

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TDF Alpe d’Huez Ride

Posted by Avatar for NickTheHorn @NickTheHorn