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  • Paging @hippy

  • 50mi?! umadbro?

  • Tentative. I haz new saddle. Need to test it. Unsure this is the ride to do it on!

  • It's only 50mi. Everyone can bleed from their gooch for 50mi once in a while.

  • If you ride it fast the bleeding won't last as long.

  • Can only ride fat.

  • Ah sure why not

  • I'm going to see how my bike is, and if my travel back to Scotland allows this.

  • Can borrow my Allez @Matt_N if you're all good for travel arrangements - just need your pedals.

  • Thats the spirit @DavidM

  • Calling @jaygee - where you at my brother

  • Hibernating most probably.

  • What are these 'miles'?

  • I think it's in preparation for Brexit. Units have gone back to the 1950s...

  • As it all should be. Ahhhh, little England and Great Britain, the village green, the sound of leather on willow, cucumber sandwiches, warm beer, gentlemen, ladies, manners, spanners, jumpers for goal posts, whippersnappers, guttersnipes, church bells and Victorian tales.

  • Won't be able to make this unfortunately with travel logistics back to Edinburgh. Have a good one fellas.

  • What time did you guys leave? I thought it was 9 then saw 8:30 which meant I got to that cafe late, didn't see any CSG so did the route solo. Lots of bunches out.

  • Ah balls we missed you. Yeah, we left at about 8:40 with Ved and his new saddle.

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Club Run // Surrey 50 miles ish // Sunday 13th January

Posted by Avatar for Anton_D @Anton_D