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    Hi I’m Dan,

    I’ve recently moved back from Canada after 2.5 years away and pretty amazed by quite how much bigger cycling has got in that time. I used to cycle the same route to work about 12 years ago and you’d see a small handful of committed riders – and now frankly they are everywhere – good to see. Cycling to work in Canada still drew stares and pretty unfunny jokes from colleagues: *“I thought you were the cycle courier*”, “*when are you going to get a car*” and “why are you covered in sweat?”

    I’ve just come back from a month and half cycle touring across central America – took it fairly easy, probably 1 day on two days off but would recommend to anyone a nice mixture of jungle, beaches and friendly people.

    In terms of my riding, apart from the occasional overseas trips and regular weekend rides, it’s mainly been commuting to and from work so I’m really excited to get into some group riding and longer rides.

    I’ve been out with Grupetto once, (this weekend) and hope there’s more to come!