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  • I'm planning something slightly different this year and not have a traditional BBQ. My plan is to instead have a picnic in Richmond Park and then, for those who want to, help scatter wayne's ashes at key parks of the Park.

    I was thinking of meeting on a Saturday (or Sunday) in Early September, drink a few bottles or wine and Canopy Beer, and then we can scatter his ashes at key points around the park. I was thinking of the Ballet School 'climb' Sayers Hill and where we used to walk Harper together.

    Please can you let me know which Sunday/Saturday is best for you and then once agreed help spread the word what's happening. I would like to keep it to Club and associated friends (Brixton CC etc) so it feels a bit more personal.

    Then afterwards we can go and have a proper 'knees up' with Bight times.


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