Cross season 2016/17 chat

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  • One for @Demeaux, @Sam and maybe, just maybe, @biarittz.

    Round 5 of the London X League is at Herne Hill on Sunday, who's racing?

    1. @Sam
    2. @andyp
  • Gonna be SO busy. Too mainstream pour moi. I knew andy when he did cross b4 it was cool.

  • Have to sign up again beforehand and all that jazz.

    Perhaps if I am to race CX this winter I should obtain BC membership. What's the minimum level I need so I can race?

    Yes, I know I should Google it.

  • Anyone know the size of the numbers? Are they 20x20cm, i.e. same as the ones used for TTing?

  • Plus. Will I get moved up the grid if I turn up in my skinsuit?

  • 18 cm x 16 cm.

  • No you won't. Gridding is based on previous results, not how pro (or not) you look.

  • Thanks! I have sewn tabs into my skinsuit for teh aeros, plus avoids a) putting a thousand pinholes in it, and b) forking out £55 for a Nopinz number pocket.

    I will have to engineer a solution.

  • Pin it to a tri-belt rololololol

  • So, my job today seems to be sort out the bloody gears on the CX bike once and for all. I think I must have rusty outers, the cable hasn't been pulling through properly for a while. Powerwashed the bike last weekend, and now it's completely buggered.

    What wally would have Campag on a CX bike?

  • You washed your bike?
    That's always the start of the problem.

  • I better sign up this morning.

  • You dried and lubed it after washing, yes?

  • See. I told you. The start of it....

    Anyway, entered.

  • Yes. Yes.

    When I say, washed it, I've had the bike almost two years and it hasn't seen a sponge or brush yet. Hose or powerwash just to get the worst off.

  • Sorted. The outer where it entered the shifter was mullered. The cabling that surrounds the inside was poking out by 3-4mm, while the plastic sheath that the cable travels through was sticking out almost 10mm. No wonder my shifting had become extremely random. Almost a free fix, have loads of outer and inner cables knocking around, but I couldn't unravel the bar tape without it ripping.

  • I might try and stop my front brake squealing.

  • I tried that before the Penshurst round last year. I made it worse.

  • Is there a suitable meeting point I can find you guys? I was planning to get there early seeing as it's my first race and I need to pick up my transponder etc, but as the train times don't work I'll be there just after 10:30!

  • We'll find you @Sam. You may have some vocal supporters too.

  • Ok, cushdy. I'll be the nervy one looking like Mr Blobby in a Grump jersey. Last nights curry, four beers and half a bottle of red doesn't seem such a good idea all of a sudden!

    Thinking about it, once I've signed on I'll hang around near the entrance.

  • Great fun, that. Thanks @Demeaux and @andyp for holding my hand. Nice to see @Will offering his 'encouragement' on what seemed like every other corner, plus @Dan and @MrParker afterwards.

  • I had a nap. It was nice.

  • I followed Andy's advice and got up higher in the grid, had a good start, nobody around me shot off, had some good laps, had a race, shouldered someone as they tried to push me off line (just held my line really), lost the sprint with the guy i was racing just as we got lapped by the winner as he finished.

    Winner has a vw transporter. I was not surprised to discover this.

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Cross season 2016/17 chat

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