Tuesdays in Kent 2018

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  • Having said that, the traffic was so bad on a 6.30 start it's probably not worth it.

  • Ah man. I have clearance but getting Alex back in time for me to get out at 7 is impossible.
    I could do the loop and meet at the end.

  • I am not able these days to get out to Cadence by 7pm mate - its an absolute bum job

  • I’m out now too - have to provide a bed for the night for the parents...

  • Yeah. Sorry. Looks like an excellent night for it. Enjoy.

  • #foreveralone
    I'll be out there

  • I’m in Watford until 6. Riding back too but I don’t think I’d get to CP for 7

  • What time can people make if they wanted to potter in the lanes with me?

  • weeps
    I can't do fridays.

  • Star Hill is still, categorically, NOT a chatty climb.

  • Depends how fast you go up.

  • I was dead fucking slow.

  • @Sam or anyone really:
    is there any reason I can't go up Star Hill, down Lord whassisface's ride, and then back up Sundridge?

    Can I go on Lord whassisface's ride?

  • It's gated about a third of the way down, so the answer is no.

  • Piss flaps. It looked "interesting".

  • In for tomorrow

  • It has never been/will never be.
    In fact - as far as I'm concerned, there is no such thing as a chatty hill. Especially not these days.

  • Going up it again tmrw night probs.

  • I like chatting on the hills. Makes me less sad and helps me with my aversion to incline

  • Just confirming the later 7.30 start.

  • Just confirming:
    it was wet, dirty, horrible, and I had to sit down when climbing Sundridge (wheel slip).

    I will be out on Thursday, IF, I get time to get the mudguards on the cross bike tonight.

  • Bravo. That puddle was impressive.

  • I didn't ride it, I was tempted.
    But I couldn't remember if there was a camber, where the potholes were, etc.

    It did remind me of that bash club.

  • Where @Mat put his foot down in the middle of that huge puddle?

    Lolz were had.

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Tuesdays in Kent 2018

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