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  • Time to kick this off as the summer series starts today. Same venues as last year;

    5th July: Jubilee Park - Leyton
    19th July: Frylands Wood
    2 Aug: Beckenham Place Park
    16 Aug: Herne Hill Velodrome

    I hope to ride three rounds, but depends on family commitments.

    London League fixtures are due to be announced next week, with a round of the National Trophy at Ardingly and the Nationals at Cyclopark so a busy season in the south east.

  • tonight!

  • I guess it's tonight you're not racing, @andyp?

  • Nope, tonight is probably the easiest to get to after work from Cambridge. I'm likely to miss the Frylands round as I've got a pre-arranged night out with some friends who are in London that night.

  • Fair play. I just assumed you were on the Brommy this morning. Have a good race!

  • I can take the Brompton into central London on the train. This morning I got off at Herne Hill and rode to Kings Cross as I can’t take a cross bike into Victoria.

    Am on the singlespeed though, still haven’t finished the groupset upgrade on the geared cross bike.

  • So is everyone looking now to attend Beckenham and HH?

    Riding all the way to Frylands for 7pm is not exactly appealing.

  • Everyone?

    I'm meeting friends who are in London next Thursday so will definitely miss Frylands. I'm hoping to make the next two, although Andrea is working on August 2nd and I'll need childcare if I'm to race. Hopefully the ageds can cover.

    I might, just might, have the Bosvelder back and working in time for them.

  • I'll try frylands but I'm on holiday after that....

  • Gotta be optimistic

  • Damn!

    I would do Frylands, but we have an important social event at work. So it's free booze, food and schmoozing versus a slog out to Addington and then hell on wheels for 50 mins.

  • I'm out of any of this. My back has flared up again.

    LCCA dates are out. Leeds Castle very early in the season now. That'll be a bumpy one.

  • Dates below;

    2/9 R1 Stanmer Park, VC Jubilee
    9/9 EKCX1
    16/9 R2 TBC, London Phoenix
    23/9 R3 Leeds Castle, Dulwich
    30/9 R4 East Brighton Park, Preston Park YCC
    7/10 R5 Herne Hill, HH Youth
    14/10 EKCX2
    21/10 R6 East Bysshe, Addiscombe CC
    28/10 R7 Preston Park, Preston Park YCC
    4/11 EKCX3
    10 and 11/11 National Trophy 3 Ardingley
    25/11 R8 East Brighton Park, Preston Park YCC
    2/12 Regional Champs Cyclopark
    9/12 R9 Frylands, Sutton CC
    16/12 EKCX4
    22/12 R10 Somerhill, SDW (Saturday Race)
    12 and 13/1 National Champs, Cyclopark
    6/1 R11 Redbridge, Dulwich/Islington CC
    20/1 EKCX5
    27/1 R12 TBC, VCL
    10/2 Team Champs, TBC, Crawley Wheelers

  • Just realized I'm at counselling on frylands

  • Just realised a new event on 22nd Dec. That''ll be Somerhill School on the outskirts of Tonbridge.

  • BPP Summer CX tomorrow night.

    Lining up my excuses as I type.

  • Chapeau to Andy's efforts at Hog Hill.

    10 POWERS, Andrew CS Grupetto 1 16

  • Nice work Andy!

  • Andrea is working away, so I’ve roped the grandparents in to provide childcare in the hope o can sneak away for a couple of hours to race.

    Will have to see how everyone is coping before I make the final decision though.

  • Our monkeys have adjusted to Summer holiday late night bedtime with aplomb. This gives me a tiny window to get my shiz together tonight before my bedtime. Pesky 5am starts.

  • Fail to plan, plan to fail.

  • You may be aware, I'm not sure I mentioned it or not, but I'm back from holidays.
    I might be down to heckle at bpp tmrw with Miriam.
    The ride down will be a gentle introduction.

  • The Beastway organization of Summer Cross seems very er...organized. Micheal appears to be a bit of a "character".

    Bike and kit at the ready, aiming to get involved, bar any blow ups at work.

  • He’s a complete tosser.

  • Miriam wobbling, I'm still in.
    Work is boring isn't it?

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Cross season 2018/19

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