London Six Day 2016

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  • Lee Valley Velodrome
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  • Any interest in going this year?

    Will be bromantical.

  • Are there tickets?

  • Yes depends on days. But yes.

  • I'd like to attend.

  • I'm up for this. I can't remember if I bought tickets for this or the champions league Revolution series. Need to double check.

  • I'm also up for this. I can't imagine that the amazing-ness of the Wiggendish crash-then-recovery drama will ever be beaten but will doubtless be a good event.

  • They will manage to find some way to entertain, while still remaining creditable winners. Perhaps a mid-sling bike change a la Jamie O'Brien.

  • I would be interest in going, what's the plan?

  • No plan as yet.

    Friday best for peeps. Fits in with last friday of month vibez?

  • Yeah - social thing

  • Do we have the wherewithal to collect payments for stuff like this via the club management software?

    If not, I can buy some on the credit card and people can pay me back

  • Friday 28th suits me. Count me in.

  • Yes, but I need to speak to Ricky.

  • yes we do.

  • Let's get it in the filofaxes!

  • Can we edit the dates to show the Friday?

  • In true Grupetto style we have almost done something about this. But not quite.

    Let's get some tickets sorted by the end of this week for Friday 28th October at 17:30.

    If you can definitely attend and will cover the cost of a ticket, then click the attendance thing above. Using that logic, currently Grahame, Ricky, and I are CONFIRMED.

    Tickets aren't cheap... They are either £49.25 or £38.50 (unless anyone has a magic discount?)­ndon-session-4-london-28-10-2016/event/3­500505AF26BA3D9

    If we went for the more expensive tickets we could get a big block together in GW123 which looks good. Otherwise it looks like we would need to go into one of the back 5 rows on one of the side sections. Feel free to express a preference and I will go with the majority view.

  • Don't mind where we are to be honest, £50 notes seems quite high though.

  • This is London my friend.

    Someone needs to pony up and buy tickets before they sell the fupp out.

  • Firstly, people need to sign up using the "I'm attending" feature above

  • Is it just us five then or are there others?

  • Denny reminded me of our seats last time. We were in the rows nearer the front, and they were great. So, I'm intending to go for the £49 seats as they are similarly close to the action. I'll get them tomorrow evening so hassle anyone else you think might want to come along as well.

  • Ah, looks like ALL the tickets have gone (there must have been 100 or so on Wednesday...)

    Presumably The Wiggins Effect. Will no doubt have affected Ghent too.

  • tbh - I'm MUCH more fussed about sorting Ghent than I am this.

  • Me too. It's all about Ghent and I'm happy for standing tickets only.

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London Six Day 2016

Posted by Avatar for Ved @Ved