Annual Wayne Peach memorial ride

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  • I cancelled my weekend away.
    I've got a memorial for another friend to attend in the afternoon on Sunday too. Fun times.

  • I foresee a large amount of cat herding.

    Perhaps two groups with a staggered start would be sensible?

  • Any sign of Wildgoose?

  • He's flown south for the winter

  • The first group and the waiting for Dan and nath group?

  • No way. Let's all ride together.

  • Drivers might get a bit pissy but how is this any different to normal?

  • Are you coming Damo?

  • I think I am. Single speed yeah.

  • Blah blah shots fired etc.

  • Cheers Dan. Not been out on the road for 11 days. Not that I'm counting.

  • I've never had to wait for you Nath. Dan on the other hand.....

  • pipe down, stop writing cheques...

  • Being chiropractored is hard work. Apparently my spine, pelvis and posture is so bad that it's only because I am a fit and active person* that I haven't had something serious happen.

    *I lolled at this point.

  • It's looking unlikely. My builder bloke is behind schedule, Alex is pregnant (have I mentioned that?),Miriam needs to be at swimming class at 9 am.
    I was hoping Alex would take Miriam but....

  • Will miss you, but look after your girls

  • I may see you all on the way back... it's too damn cold for me, and it agitates old age (sciatica). I'll be out when it reaches 0'c, which looks like an early afternoon lap or two.

  • I'm really sorry, but I'm not going to be able to make it. My back is in absolute pieces.

  • Sorry to hear that Sam

  • The Bushy Park contingent:
    Dan B

    Maybe Dave Mac?

    Anyone else?

  • what time we meeting Bushy P?

  • I reckon we'll be there between 9:20 and 9:30

  • Cool

  • Devastated to say I won't be there due to a shoulder injury. I can't look up or down. I tried riding a bike yesterday and it was not fun. I'm gutted. Love to you all and to Wayne.

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Annual Wayne Peach memorial ride

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