Sat 16th June - Box Hill Cross Loop - Evening Ride

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  • sm5 3jb
  • It's June, the month of the Solstice and those wonderful long days. Emma is away next week sneering at festival types on the IOW. Why do people wear those jester hats? So I have this window to do my favourite little Box Hill Cross Loop.

    The below is not the exact route but it gives the idea (will look to post exact route later) . 30 miles from my house (SM5 3JB) and mainly off-road (70/30).

    l'll be doing it on Sat, leaving at 7pm. Anyone wanting to come along is more than welcome.

  • I'll make enquiries!

  • How feasible is it to do this on a singlespeed?

  • For you Andy?

    You'll be the best on the ride!

  • ohw

    I would have been well up for this, but I have a TT early the next morning.

  • To echo Dov's sentiments, you or Damo would be fine on SS. It's just a longer 3 Pimples. The toughest climb is Box Hill (off-road).

  • Come on....rasp across in the mini, bosh this one out, have fun and watch the sun set from the North Downs.

    Or, get up early and be patronized by men with clipboards in a damp smelling village hall. Then kill yourself in the Race of Truth!

  • Happy to leave later if that fits in with childcare. Lights defo required.

  • I'll stick with getting up early and being patronized. I've not spent £8 for nothing you know!

  • Miriam birthday party from 2-4....

    I'm not going to push it.

  • I'm not going to make it unfortunately. Have a problem with the rear brake on the Trek and haven't got time to look at it before this evening.

    Great idea though, Sam, we should try and organise another one over the coming weeks.

  • Yes, good idea. Plenty of long evenings to come.

  • I need a beer.

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  • What happened?

  • A birthday party.

  • Have only jut seen this... would be well up for doing this one evening!

  • Weekend or weekday?

  • So. er.
    I have Saturday ALL DAY blocked out for a bike ride.
    Does anyone want to do some GNARMACING?

  • Am up for this and have no plans for Saturday. Have the bike and the Gnar tyres.

  • Wait was this last week?

    Anyway am around this Saturday for Gravé

  • Also I can't make threads on here, does anyone have a sensible route for LON-OXF - departing Richmond Park? Would really appreciate the help am struggling.


  • Saturday 23rd June.

  • I would be up for 100k road ride

  • Hmm.

  • Quick look in ridwithgps brought up this

    Any good?

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Sat 16th June - Box Hill Cross Loop - Evening Ride

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