New Year's Revolutions

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  • Cycling goals for 2018:

    1. Paris-Roubaix
    2. Monte Zoncolan
    3. Race at least once at HH track league
    1. Lose weight
    2. Don't put my back out
  • Nice timing @Señor_Bear

    Haven't had a chance to properly think about 2018, but we share the first one.

  • Lose weight
    Be able to run to work and back as a new commute
    Run to work/Run back from work
    Ride a bike with my family
    Stick to a training program that incorporates running, weights, and riding a bike.
    Get a new job
    Sleep more than 6 hours at bedtime

  • The bike(s) will take a back seat again next year. Family and work will be taking precedence.


    1. Hard winter miles with the grumps.
    2. Paris-Roubaix
    3. Ti or Stainless bespoke frame & posh Carbon clinchers.
    4. New girlfriend who is into cycling and owns a micro brewery.
  • Clinchers??

  • Hard winter miles with the grumps

    Good luck.

  • Is that not the terminology now?

  • Me n @Demeaux gonna bring back the Saturday squad for 2018

  • I hope so....

  • Wasn’t hard miles mentioned though?

  • It's going to be 3 pimples and pilgrims way every week.

  • ride a bike.

    1. Ride my bike more
  • With Ant and have beers after.....

    1. Learn how to properly service and build up a bike
    2. Do some Summer Cross
    3. Learn how to track stand and wheelie
    4. SDW in a day
    5. LDN to Brighton and back
    1. Ride my bike more
    2. Drink more beer with Ant
    3. Combine 1 and 2 as often as possible
    1. Ride more than last year
    2. First family bike ride
    3. Maybe join Anton for his No. 5
  • London to Brighton is good un.

    Although I cycled to Brighton last summer and wasn't a fan of the route I did. Lots of knobend drivers and Ditchling is possibly the second most overhyped thing after Box Mountain...

    Run into Brighton is shit too.

    1. Paris-Roubaix
    2. Club run once a month
    3. Get down to 92 kgs by June
    4. Stretch target - 10,000 km by year end 2018
  • Ldn to Brighton AND BACK is the challenge lad! I think Ditchling is hyped because its the only proper hill and because it can be a bit intense with traffic not being able to overtake...

  • More like me struggling to over take traffic...

  • Not for the time poor...

  • The London Ditchling Devil audax is a nice LBL route and doesn't go into Brighton, which is good. Because Brighton is cack.

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New Year's Revolutions

Posted by Avatar for Señor_Bear @Señor_Bear