Thursday November 3rd - Cross training

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  • Crystal Palace Park
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  • I wouldn't post on the Facebook group. You'll get grief. But do write to them.

    I came across a group on Clapham Common the other week. They were running on the spot right on the edge of the cycle path oblivious to cyclists riding up and down. Stupid and dangerous.

  • Their 'troops' go into the 'do as I am told zone' and have wandered into our obvious paths before. It is scary.

    We know they we Jonny-come-late-lies to training in the park and they have a business to run, so we try to accommodate that. Last night was rude.

  • I gather there has been quite a lot of debate among interest parties about whether fitness groups should be able to use local parks for free for their organised commercial ventures. On reflection they might be wise to show a little more of a sharing spirit.

  • Apparently they pay for access. So do we in our local taxation. (i'm guessing).

  • What is MF please.

  • Military Fitness. They use the same bit of the park we use, but up until this week we've shared without incident.

  • See what happens when you don't attend?

  • She recognises officer class when she sees it.

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Thursday November 3rd - Cross training

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