D&AD President's Lecture: Simon Mottram

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  • Conway Hall 25 Red Lion Square London WC1R 4RL
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  • From the newsletter:

    Simon Mottram, founder of Rapha, will be joining us on 11 January as
    the first speaker in Bruce Duckworth’s President’s Lecture series.

    He'll be taking us through his 15-year career working as a marketing
    and branding consultant, and how he drew on this experience when
    creating Rapha. Covering how and why the brand has grown into a
    vibrant community for riders around the world, to his goals to try and
    make road cycling as popular as other sports, this lecture is an
    absolute must for cyclists and branding folk alike.

    Info here

  • Is it wrong to say that might actually be quite interesting?

  • He is very interesting. I'd go if I hadn't seen it all happen.

  • I'd like to go... but... imagine the crowd....

  • Do you have to be a member to go?

  • No I don't think so.

  • There is a chance you will die of exhaustion before completing the registration process

  • I wish the D&AD website could actually communicate what it is and what it does. Something something big pencils.

  • For reals?

    Design & Art Direction

    It's a charity, but also runs the most prestigious awards in visual communication.

  • Would be quite keen to go to this.

  • I am 100% booked in

  • Conway Hall 25 Red Lion Square London WC1R 4RL


  • Actually, I'm going to go too.

  • Bloody hell D&AD are not doing a great job of taking my money

  • It's the worst website - and payment system - in the world. Ranks alongside Ticketmaster.

  • Art Directors don't do digital.
    Wow. That was exhausting. Even the worldpay form was a struggle.
    No guest checkout or PayPal can GTFO.
    At least they didn't ask for a cheque in the post...

  • I don't understand how they managed to fuck up the World Pay form... Isn't it just generic?

  • After buying two tickets for £37 Kati told me we have freebies. FFS

  • lol

  • Think of it as charity work, now who ever buys the tickets will not have to negotiate the D&AD website.

  • It should be. but the captcha component refused to accept that I am not a robot. And refused to show me the conundrum.

  • That was fairly cryptic, but there was a little arrow you needed to click in middle bottom of form !

  • I pressed that after I'd said I was human. It took me exiting the whole process and coming back to get the ticket.

  • I have tickets for this through work. See you there.

  • After the lectures we normally go for a drink at the Lamb afterwards, usual drill anyone?

    The Lamb 94 Lamb’s Conduit Street Bloomsbury London, WC1N 3Lz

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D&AD President's Lecture: Simon Mottram

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