Cross season 2017/18 chat

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  • Burls? Nice :)

  • It's a great frame and fork!

  • It is. Would be great for a newcomer, but is good enough that you'd not need to upgrade if the bug bites.

  • I've literally forgotten everything about cross tekkers.

    Not that I had any.

  • @andyp What time does the summer cross race kick off? 7.15?

  • Yes. Seniors first, then Vets then women.

  • Thanks

  • Ok, signed up for Frylands misery. Hopefully quite dry up there now though.

  • Only one way to find out!

    I went out on the CX bike for the first time in 3-4 months a few days ago, couldn't believe how boggy it was. Normally in July it's all dust.

    Must sort that ride out :0)

  • ^ look at the all pics after on social media....

  • Frylands is miserable. It's a proper "fuck me, why am I doing this". But only when you have one gear and a pair of fucked brakes.

  • I tried to mow the grass at the allotment on Monday, was surprised how damp it was. Rain today and tomorrow might mean it's a bit sticky.

  • fingers crossed the trees are sucking it all up

  • If it's damp, transpiration and therefore uptake by trees will be low.

  • But they must be gasping for water after all those weeks of dry. Please trees, drink!

    Pesky weather forecast, varying hugely at the mo.

  • I know. I need to paint the shed and both fences.

  • Sam's bike wash. Open from 930 pm tonight

  • Plans went to shit. Currently in pub with very rich gay man getting frisky!! #lyfrocks

  • They could organise a cross race in your garden and you'd come up with a reason for missing it...

  • I managed to miss a training session because: bed time.

  • blah blah blah :p

  • I managed to miss this morning's catch up because: teething

  • Poor Nora.

  • @andyp did you have the London X League schedule?

  • It's a sticky on the London X League Facebook page.

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Cross season 2017/18 chat

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